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We are a company that you can trust and depend upon which specializes in the distribution of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers products in Nigeria and other commercial cities in West Africa from different parts of the world.

Our Company Mission & Client Vision

Beginning with its inception Up-Son Global Ventures has developed a long-standing reputation of offering the best line-up of products redistribution so far. Furthermore, we hire and train outstanding people at our General distribution Company. This allows us to focus on treating customers as long-term partners, exceeding their expectations, and quality sales delivery with speed and accuracy in the West African markets.


Our mission is to offer our customers the finest quality and best selection of market for quick growth in sales and winning the market share. We believe good service is worrying about the details, so our customers don’t have to.


To be the most cost-effective, quality concerned and creative distribution company, offering a fully integrated service to all clients.


In line with its vision and mission, the founder believe that strong values inspire good and ethical business delivery.

Our Services



Distribution of manufacturers products in West Africa. We majorly distribute manufacturers products to grow their sales by distributing to the wholesalers, retailers and the direct consumers according to good pricing and supply order (the higher the quantity, the lower the price).


We play a vital role in smoothly connecting manufacturers and customers.


We can expedite response times, enhance a company’s reach, and even create value-added packages that complement a company’s product offering or scope.


Developing new markets and building strong visibility of the manufacturers products.


Maintaining quality advocacy about the manufacturers’ products.


Organising and management of promotional exercises for the manufacturers in the trade.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you buy off goods from manufacturers?

The primary business dealing we agreed on with our clients(manufacturers) is rendering the services of selling their manufactured products into the markets and based on that, we raise an agreement file, backing some contractual terms of services as will be agreed by the two bodies.

Do you give the services of logistics (shipping and freight)?

Yes, we do, only if our client gives us the orders to carry out such services hence it’s open for negotiations.

Do you liaise with the government to get trade licence for business operations?

Based on the fact that our company is duly registered and have undergone the due legal processes of the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) standards, we can anytime, any season mediate between our clients, their products and the government.

Do you have a good accommodative warehouse to contain goods in large quantities?

As we anticipate to grow higher in our business, we have the provision for the addition of at least one warehouse to the existing ones each business year.


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Catalogue Of Some Products Distributed

Up-Son Global Ventures distributes a wide array of baking ingredient/accessories and beverages.

Icing Sugar


Whip Cream


Butter/ Margarine




Chocolate Chips


Chocolate Bar






Milk Powder




Popcorn Pack




Beer/ Lager




Baking Paper


Foil Paper


Cling Films


Cake Box



Up-Son Global Ventures is a privately owned and operated company which specializes in the distribution of manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers products in Nigeria and other commercial cities in West Africa from different parts of the world.
Up-Son Global ventures was established in the year 2018 with the headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.